Service Provider Think Tank

You don't have to do it all alone.

Running a business can be exciting... and lonely.

Working behind your computer screen can sometimes be an isolating world. You can't just meet your co-workers in the breakroom and ask for support with a challenging project. You join Facebook group after Facebook group for service providers and are inundated with brand new business owners who are desperate for new clients and don't yet have the experience to give you constructive feedback.

Roadblocks and speed bumps become harder to navigate.

When you are working from home without someone to bounce ideas off of or who can lend a friendly ear, or let's keep it honest here, someone who can give you a shoulder to cry on, the challenges that come with running a business and working with clients can feel isolating and overwhelming. You may even find yourself missing that corporate office you once ran away from, just because you miss the team comradery.

What you really need is collaboration and community.

What is the solution? You need a Think Tank.

Definition of Think Tank:
a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific problems.

When I started my project management and operations company, I spent many late evenings trying to figure this online business space out - testing tools, reviewing funnels, watching webinar after webinar.

What I didn't have was a community of fellow service providers who could relate to the daily challenges I was facing.

You know the challenges - clients who were pushing boundaries, automations that weren't working that had no obvious reason, marketing that just wasn't working, doing manual work because you couldn't find a tool that worked the way you needed.

When I would join other teams, I was SO excited to find service providers, just like me, who I could rely on, talk to, and brainstorm with for my client. I would work on teams with other virtual assistants, social media managers, launch specialists, graphic designers, and more.

These people UNDERSTOOD me.

It's truly a unique space, this online world - and it's so important to find a community that can hold you along the way.

I looked for a community that could support me, collaborate with me, and who would really understand me.

It's actually harder to find than it sounds. 

Like most service providers, I explored all of the Facebook groups.

I mean... all of them.

I certainly found some supportive spaces, but most posts would get buried by brand new Virtual Assistants or brand new Project Managers asking for a very different kind of guidance and mentorship.

They need help starting their businesses. 

What I couldn't find was a space for experienced service providers. 

A space where I didn't have to teach.

A space where I could ask a question and get an answer from someone with my experience.

A space where I could express frustration about a client situation that was troubling and get constructive feedback instead of comments about how I should just be grateful to have a client.


Thankfully, there are plenty of spaces for brand new service providers, and those spaces are so needed! Those spaces helped me kick off my business.

But what I need now, a decade into entrepreneurship, is a space where I can brainstorm.

Where I can explain a complicated funnel and ask for support with next steps.

Where I can ask questions about tools that I haven't used before but that could fill a need for one of my clients.

Where I can expand and grow as a business owner and a service provider.

Where I can plan to scale and share my big goals.

Welcome to the Service Provider Think Tank

Here's what you get in the Think Tank:

Slack Community Space

A digital space where you can engage in real-time discussions, seek advice, and share resources.

Coworking Sessions

Bi-weekly sessions where you can work alongside each other, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects.


Access to resources, including articles, guides, templates, and reports, curated to support ongoing learning and development.

Job Board

Regular posting of job opportunities and a space to share hiring opportunities of your own.

Quarterly Planning Sessions

Structured meetings held quarterly to set goals, discuss strategies, and review results.

Accountability Sprints

Regular springs where we commit to specific tasks, fostering productivity, motivation, and mutual support.

You'll find a community of Service Providers who are just like you


billed monthly


Join the Think Tank and find your community

Get started today! Jump right in and connect with like-minded peers who understand what it's like to run a successful Service Provider business. Find the community, the support, and the camaraderie you've been looking for!

You don't have to do it all alone.